• Before re-creating the admin group there is a way to check if the admin group has definitely been deleted, to do this log into the Mac with the root user account, then open Terminal and type command
    dscl . –read /Groups/Admin
    • If the output comes back with the error below, this would indicate the admin group from the OS has been deleted
DS Error: -14136 (eDSRecordNotFound)
  • To begin re-creating the admin group, type
    dscl . -create /Groups/admin
  • Then type,
    dscl . -create /Groups/admin RealName Administrators
  • Next type,
    dscl . -create /Groups/admin PrimaryGroupID 80
  • Then type,
    dscl . -create /Groups/admin Password \*
  • Finally type,
    dscl . -create /Groups/admin GroupMembership root
  • Now the admin group has been re-created you can now apply administrative rights on the primary user account and/or any other accounts on the Mac, this can be done by opening System Preferences > Users & Groups clicking on the relevant user and checking “Allow user to administer this computer”. A message stating “You must restart the computer for your changes to <Users>’s administrator settings to take effect.
  • Restart the Mac and then login with the relevant account, i.e. Mac Usernavigate back to System Preferences > Users & Groups and the accounts chose in the previous step should now be an Admin account.