JAMF Software very recently asked me to present what Just Eat are currently doing with Casper Suite at the JAMF Nation Roadshow at the Royal Institute in London on Friday 16th September 2016.

Firstly I’d like to say it was real honour sharing the stage with JAMF Software, Apple, IBM and Lego, these were all fantastic presentations and it was interesting to hear and see what these companies are doing in their respective areas in terms on managing devices and their roadmaps from start to what future plans they may have.

For anyone that missed it I hope to speak again at another Mac Admin Meetup in the foreseeable future (possibly, not sure how many beers I had!)

I shared a few links to scripts and examples of what Just Eat are doing that’s unique in my presentation with example code snippets or relevant links and had a fair few people ask me for a copy of my presentation, so to make it easier for everyone find a copy below if you have any questions please ping me a note at any of these:

It was interesting catching up with people after and discussing my environment and hoped I could give you a little more insight of my vision for our Mac estate at Just Eat and how it can help you’re business in the future.

Finally a big thank you to JAMF Software for the opportunity to speak at the JAMF Roadshow.

Sachin Parmar